Discover the Marvel: Why Flowers Are a Remarkable Form of Self-Care

Sepideh Mianaby the owner and lead designer at Ivory Florist, holding a heart shape floral bouquet in the shades of pastel pink, yellow, lavender, peach, corals designed with roses, spray rose mum and warped with korian warping paper

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In the quest to alleviate stress, people often turn to various activities like taking a leisurely stroll, indulging in a soothing bath, or lighting a fragrant candle. However, the art of flower arranging presents a unique proposition: not only does the mere presence of flowers uplift your spirits, but the process of creating an arrangement yields a tangible masterpiece. Each completed arrangement becomes a testament to your self-care journey, a visual reminder of the nurturing you've bestowed upon yourself.

The therapeutic influence of flowers extends far beyond their aesthetic appeal. Scientific research confirms that the presence of flowers offers a myriad of health benefits, including mood enhancement and stress reduction. At Viola Floral, a distinguished flower arranging and teaching studio nestled in Santa Monica, our team of floral experts sheds light on the extraordinary advantages that flowers bring to our lives:

Flowers bring Positive Energy!

The presence of flowers triggers a cascade of feel-good chemicals in your brain, including dopamine, oxytocin, and serotonin. These neurotransmitters surge both when receiving flowers and when engaging in the process of arranging them, from envisioning your design to nurturing your blooms.

Beyond their chemical influence, the vibrant hues of flowers wield profound emotional impact. Warm colors like sunny yellows, fiery oranges, and passionate reds have a knack for instilling optimism and joy. Consider adorning lively spaces such as family rooms, dining areas, or kitchens with these hues to enhance the atmosphere for gatherings.

Conversely, cool tones like tranquil blues, soothing greens, and regal purples evoke feelings of serenity and relaxation. Reserve these calming colors for spaces intended for unwinding, such as bedrooms or bathrooms, to cultivate a sense of tranquility.

Select flowers that align with either warm or cool color palettes and take a moment to mindfully absorb their effect on your mood. Express gratitude to these blooms for their gift of joy within your home.

Flowers help reduce anxiety 

The soothing influence of a bouquet extends its tendrils far and wide. Research reveals that individuals who either gifted or received flowers reported lower levels of stress. Simply gazing upon a beautiful arrangement or tending to its blooms has the power to elevate our spirits and diminish stress.

Consider a scenario where someone dear to you is navigating a challenging period. By acknowledging the stress-reducing benefits of giving and receiving flowers, you're essentially offering two gifts: one to yourself and another to the recipient.

Flowers: A Boost for Creativity & Inner Artist

Unlocking Creative Solutions: Harnessing the Power of Flowers

An infusion of creativity has the ability to tackle challenges and offer fresh insights. Research indicates that creativity reaches its zenith in the presence of flowers. Whether surrounded by floral arrangements indoors or immersed in the natural splendor of the outdoors, the ambiance nurtures innovation and boosts productivity.

Upon completing your flower arrangement, a surge of dopamine in your brain accompanies the sense of accomplishment. Each glimpse of your floral creation in your home evokes a profound sense of pride, reinforcing your creative achievement.

Witness the Magic Yourself!

Instead of solely relying on our testimony, take action yourself! During your next visit to the grocery store or market, grab a bouquet of flowers and immerse yourself in the process of designing and caring for them. Witness the plentiful mental health and wellness advantages flowers offer. And if you're eager for more, contemplate joining one of our flower arranging workshops to delve deeper into the joyful benefits flowers bring!